TWIN (tiny window system) on XO.

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Jun 11 05:24:50 EDT 2008

Twin is NOT just a window manager (I changed the subject accordingly).

It is a *complete* graphics/windowing system, replacing X11+Cairo 
+Window manager with one *really* tiny package. At runtime it needs on  
the order of 100 KB (yes that, is *K* byte), making it suitable even  
for embedded systems. See

On 10.06.2008, at 15:55, Paul Schulz wrote:

> Greetings,
> It has been suggested that I send the following though. People might
> be interesed in the following screenshots :-)


> This software is pretty much Keith Packard's twin software (LGPL),  
> which
> I've imported into git.. and rearranged a little.

Nice :)

> It's currently using the X11 display, but there is also an SDL  
> backend.

Would be interesting to see on fbdev ...

While the XO actually has plenty of RAM, we're currently wasting a ton  
of it. I'm glad to see experiments for reducing the footprint :)

- Bert -

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