ANN: 8.1.1 Candidate Build - candidate-708

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Thu Jun 12 02:12:58 EDT 2008

Michael Stone wrote:
> Dear world,
> I'm pleased to announce that our first signed release candidate for the
> 8.1.1 bugfix release is now available for downloading and updating.
> Please help test it by

I did, it basically worked fine with some minor glitches (marked ==>
below).  Thanks!

>   1. Procuring activities if you need them. See the release notes for
>   details.

(I had updated my G1G1 to 703 a few weeks ago.  For some reason
installing the G1G1 activity pack from my USB flash drive didn't work
for me and I had used Bert's script to install.)

>   2a. olpc-update -f candidate-708 && reboot

D'oh, first time I didn't use the -f option.  `olpc-update
candidate-708` displayed

Trying irsync_pristine update from
Verifying update.
Contents manifest failure at line 383
Last file examined: localtime

(Maybe that's why you said use -f.)

Then it went on to

Trying irsync_dirty update from
  - Creating contents for existing tree.
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/sbin/olpc-contents-create", line 90, in <module>
   File "/usr/lib/python2.5/...., line 100, in mkdirobject
    entry['h'] = mkhashes (file(fullname), read())

so I pressed Ctrl-C.

   # free -m
Mem: total 232, used 227, free 5, shared 0, buffers 0, cached 48

==> Should update instructions suggest that users first stop running
activities, or is this python "MemoryError" just an artifact of not
using the -f "skip incremental update attempt" flag?

Anyway, I retried using `olpc-update -f candidate-708` as instructed.
It printed:

   WARNING: You seem to be attempting to download an unsigned
development build, but you don't have a developer key.  This will
probably fail.

==> Is that warning expected since you said "signed release candidate" ?

but it updated fine anyway.

My laptop restarted three times, the last one brought me into Sugar.

Home view > little guy > About this XO displays
   Build update.1 708
   Firmware: Q2D16
   Serial Number: CSN748011C2

==> Maybe "About this XO" should say "8.1.1" and/or "candidate" instead
of "update.1" part, otherwise looks fine!

> please help update the 

I reorganized it a bit to focus first on changes from Update.1, and
tweaked other referenced pages.

=S Page

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