[Localization] Fwd: translation problem

Erik Blankinship erikb at mediamods.com
Sun Jan 6 12:04:23 EST 2008

> (1) In one case (search for "#: constants.py:145"), the "s" was
> missing from the msgid; it just reads
>      msgid "Save %(1) to:"
> I have added "s" in these files, but suspect this is probably an
> issue in the Python source and all other translations.

Yes, thank you.  Now fixed throughout.

 I am copying
> this to Khaled Hosny; please check this item and correct it if
> necessary.


(3) The Persian file is lacking many strings, and probably shouldn't
> be regarded as ready to ship in its current state. Also, I guess that
> its translation at "constants.py:108" is incorrect, as it seems to
> use the same term for "hours" as is used elsewhere for "seconds".

We've had a Persian friend update this file for us, so I think we are in
good shape with new translations.

Thanks again,
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