[Localization] Is there anybody in your network who might help translate Free Software to Khmer (Cambodian)?

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Dear Tim,


I am fully agreed with you opinions on Khmer translation.  It is very difficult and we need a qualified persons to do it also.  Those translators need to understand the meaning of the context well if not the translations will be transliterated and have wrong meaning.  


By the way, Edward, how is the Khmer keyboard?  Please keep in mind, in order to type Khmer the keyboard driver need a rendering engine.  In Vista it used USP10.dll for Keyboard driver.



CHEA Sok Huor

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Subject: Fwd: Is there anybody in your network who might help translate Free Software to Khmer (Cambodian)?


Hemy, Edward and others..

I think the leaders of KhmerOS have clearly said they are opposed to OLPC in Cambodia. What OLPC needs are more suggestions on those who can help with the translation lists..   

KhmerOS is a stellar initiative which used to be housed at Open Forum Cambodia HYPERLINK "http://www.forum.org.kh"www.forum.org.kh and the National ICT development Authority of Cambodia <HYPERLINK "http://www.nida.gov.kh"www.nida.gov.kh>,  it now has found its way to a newly formed NGO called Open Institute (do not confuse Open Forum Cambodia with Open Institute -  Open Forum Cambodia was formed in 1994 while Open Institute in 2006 from a group who quit OFC)  

I have searched all over the net for others doing translations...  It seems there are few groups or initiatives actively engaged in software translation for Khmer an example is  <HYPERLINK "http://www.sbbic.org"http://www.sbbic.org> .  Many computer savvy Cambodians both in Cambodia and abroad easily have the capacity to assist on such translation jobs.  Yet there appears to be little incentive for individuals to get involved.  Most Cambodians are working hard to make a living and have little free time for humanitarian projects. 

My recent suggestion to Edward is to pay one or two people a decent Cambodian salary to do the work.  Knowing Cambodia... the little that I do...  I will guess that not much is going to get done if it is left as a voluntary project without incentive.  that is just the way it is...    when you are struggling to provide the basics for your family and self you do not have time for voluntary work.   If  this project can come up with a fair salary for volunteers then I think we can see more activity from Cambodia and other stalled nations.  


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Dear Jeremy and Nina,

It is a very interesting project and I am happy to see the trend for
translating into Khmer language which will contribute a lot to our people.

For this type of work, I think KhmerOS might be a good starting point.
They've been working on localization of Khmer script in the computer within
open source environment. They've been translation computer terminology into
Khmer language which would be helpful for this project. Here is the link for
the terminology translation
HYPERLINK "http://www.khmeros.info/drupal/?q=en/download/translations" \nhttp://www.khmeros.info/drupal/?q=en/download/translations.

Please let me know if you need any detail information.



Edward Cherlin
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