[Etoys] Stuff to do for Sugar release 0.84

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Apr 3 10:25:26 EDT 2009

On 03.04.2009, at 08:36, Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> ok, after fighting with virtualbox emulation (and eventually giving  
> up), and incomplete SuSE Sugar version (also gave up, thanks Bert  
> for suggestions there), I am testing Etoys in Sugar 0.84 installed  
> on a stick right on the OLPC XO.


> Over all Etoys on 0.84 look good, but I will have to do more testing  
> this weekend, so far I see:
> Sugar Interaction Problems
> ====================
> - If there are any Etoys activities in the Journal, the last actvity  
> is picked up when I start Etoys from the menu Circle. This way, I  
> can never see Etoys initial screen. I think this is what Bert  
> mentioned. It is really annoying behavior, I assume it changed  
> because of some changes in the Sugar container. This is really the  
> only item I would (personally) consider a bad bug / behaviour. Can  
> anyone make a rough comment what would need to be done to change this?

Well, you can still open a fresh Etoys instance from the activities  
screen by moving your mouse to the Etoys icon, do not click but wait  
until the little black label appears, do still not click but wait  
until the label expands to a menu, and then click the "start" menu item.

But this is rather awkward, indeed. The best idea so far was to have a  
"home" button that would take you to the launcher screen:


> - Etoys do not have Ctrl-Q / Ctrl-S for Quit / Save on the top right  
> Controls.

Not quite sure what you mean hear ...

> - In shared mode, on the "network screen", Etoys is listed as  
> "Gallery" (very minor)

Interesting ... it used to show "/usr/share/etoys/etoys.image":


> - when not connected to the network, and switching to shared mode, a  
> DBus Error Debug Screen appears.

That should be handled nicer indeed.

> - There is no sound - but I think there is be no sound on the OLPC  
> running 0.84 from the stick

That might very well be this problem:


If so, a workaround would be to switch to OSS in the /usr/bin/etoys  
script (add -vm-sound-OSS to the VM options).

> Etoys Problems (very little Etoys specific testing so far):
> ============
> - sound does not work(Sugar/OLPC Hardware at fault?)

See above

> - video does not work(?Sugar/Hardware at fault?)

For GStreamer you need a new VM, too. I think that's the only video  
option we have on Linux.

- Bert -

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