[Testing] Software update problems in OLPC 10.1.3

S Page skierpage at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 22:38:28 EST 2011

Summary: Software update of Help keeps failing; python errors checking
some activities; misleading output.

My XO-1 was up-to-date against the Activities/G1G1Lite group for
10.1.2 before the olpc-upgrade to build 360.  On reboot I was prompted
to run Software update (nice!), it updated several activities, but
then offered to upgrade two activities.  I thought this was a second
step so didn't pay attention to what activities they were and clicked
[Install selected].  Now Software update keeps offering to upgrade
Help from version 11 to 12.  ~olpc/Activities has a Help from
2009-12-12 whose activity.info says activity_version=11 and there is a
Help v.12 available, so it seems Software update does have something
to do but fails.

I have accumulated various activities over time, particularly from the
glitch in updating to 10.1.2 where I got the big set of activities for
XO-1.5 before I changed to the G1G1Lite activity group.  I had removed
some of those.

I followed http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Software_update#Debugging_the_updater,

$ sugar-control-panel -s install_update Help

This was very slow checking some activities such as Help, Measure and
Analyze, printing a "XX%" progress indicator

== Misleading output ==
I note again that the URL that Software update claims that it's
checking is wrong.  It says "Fetching
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/G1G1Lite" but it's actually
fetching something like
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/G1G1Lite/10.1.3 . I already filed

== Python errors checking some activities ==
Software update prints python traceback errors, for Physics, Colors,
Words, Ruler, Firefox, Stopwatch.  All are the same:

Failure updating ACTIVITY_NAME none none
...  in _retrieve_update_version... in only_best_update, in __lt__, ...
sugar/bundle/bundleversion.py line 135, in _cannot_compare
  % (Type(self). __name__, type(other).__name__))
TypeError: Can not compare NormalizedVersion and str

I think these are installed activities that aren't in the G1G1Lite
activity group.

== Help update fails ==

But for Help, there's no error
Software update just prints "downloading Help...", then exits without error.
I don't see anything in shell.log

Software update downloads a temp copy of the activity to
~olpc/Activities/HelpXXXXXX , but it removes it and I can't see how to
keep this around to look at it.  I'm not sure how to debug further.

=S Page

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