[Testing] Testing Summary Auckland

Fabiana Kubke mf.kubke at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 21:19:27 EDT 2010

Who: Nevyn, Robin, Calvin, John, Abishek, Fabiana

Tested actvities in 284py, XO1.0, XO's connected via local wifi.
Write 67
Initially shared activity fine but within a few minutes write stopped
sharing, although all instances of write continued to work fine on
each individual XO.
Deafault font is really small.
Shared activity icon continues to show on neighbourhood view even when
all instances of write had been turned off.

Memorize 34
Works ok, as long as XOs join one at a time. When more than one xo is
trying to join, the order of the list of players is not the same in
all computers, but the game goes down the list, expecting different
players on different xos at which time the activity stops working

Browse 112
Content builder on browser clicking on science takes me to a content
page in English. Shouldnt this point to content in Spanish?

Speak 16
Also defaults to English.

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