[Testing] Testing tool: Screencast Activity help needed

Mel Chua mel at laptop.org
Thu Oct 23 00:30:00 EDT 2008

Fun project opportunity! Code-oriented testers interested in tool 
creation and looking for something to hack on, check out this thread - 
Chris Ball is looking for someone to take over the Screencast Activity 
he started.


Screencasting would be a sweet tool to have available for QA; among 
other things, a little bit of work here could make it easy to submit 
"here's how to reproduce this bug" videos for tricky GUI-related bugs or 
nontechnical/very young testers.

If you're interested in taking over, or in just taking a day or two to 
clean up and help document it (there isn't yet a wiki page for the 
Activity), please get in touch with Chris (cc'd). Chris and I are also 
often on IRC* (cjb and mchua on #olpc, irc.freenode.net) if you want to 
help (Chris) or have suggestions on how to use this for community 
testing (me + this mailing list).


Mel Chua
QA/Support Engineer
mel at laptop.org

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