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> Memorize-28 (Carl led test)
> Wiki page exists and has description of activity. Has screenshots.
> Behaviour matches description.
> Test page exists.
> Further information to come from Carl, but here is a start.
> Collaboration of up to 4 XOs. Found that XOs joining part way
> through game did not synchronise correctly. So if a pair had already
> been identified by another XO the new XO did not see the cards won.
> It also stopped the process moving correctly between each players
> turn, so each XO shows that it is a different persons turn.
> Sometimes it crashed the game and no one could turn over the cards.
> Activity still running as can restart game. (Game state is not
> updated on client if the state has changed between the player
> clicking join and the player actaully joining the game. Result: New
> player is out of sync with with rest of game.)

Screen Rotation - Partial success. Rotation is operative however in the the
"portrait" portions the memory grid squares are not correctly resized and
overlap at the edges. The assigned hardware button operations are not best
fit for screen out/keyboardless operations. i.e. it is difficult/impossible
to select any memory square in the grid using just the hardware buttons.
This assumes of course that keyboardless operation was part of the original
design spec...

Load/Save - Could not easily find a newly created game grid. Instructions
indicate that the grid is stored and accessible from Journal however this
did not appear to be the case initially. The test unit had an SD card
inserted and it was found that selecting the SD card and then seleting
Journal in the Load menu would then refresh/show the saved game grids.
Selecting the saved grid was successful and game could be played.

Feature request - Game side panel shows correct match counts. Might be nice
in a multiplayer game to have a popup or similar indicating who got the
most correct with option to start new game. Avoid terms like "xyz won".

General XO comment - I might be mistaken but I recall that the
circle/rectangle key in the neighbourhood/friends key block used to step
through the open activities... It now just seems to go the the last opened
one. Getting the step/tab capability back would be nice.


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