[Testing] Testing summary - 6 December 2008

Tabitha Roder tabitha.roder at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 19:03:14 EST 2008

Wellington Testers summary - 6 December 2008

Thanks to our testers - Edward, Uli, Grant, Bob, Tabitha, Carl, Alastair,
Andrew, Fraser, Jonathan, Kaleb, Joshhua, Aida

Focus for the day - chat35 and chat48, paint19 and paint23, terminal18,

Tested chat with up to 9 XOs on Mesh1 simple mesh (not all 9 in one chat at
once as had issues with connecting all to MESH1 at once and constant crashes
of chat)
The chat description page http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Chat shows a future of
chat that does not exist yet - says that we should have menus and be able to
draw - but these dont exist yet. Could not find chat description page for
current version of chat.
No visual feedback on keep function but it does work.
Invite works.
Three XOs crashed - signs were: in the frame the chat displays two resumes
and two stops and none of them do anything; could not display or end chat
and no longer visible to neighbourhood and shows journal in middle of ring
not chat. Further testing found that if you have 3 chats in frame, then you
have 3 stop and resume in first chat and other two chat icons show start.
Not actually running. Other XO says that XO has left chat.
Some XOs could not see the chat in the neighbourhood - chat35 started and
shared but no XOs could see it in the neighbourhood; chat48 started and
shared and visible in neighbourhood.
One XO on version 35 (due to bad G1G1 activity pack) that did not have any
issues in the test - so version 48 seems to not be so happy.
Trac # 9079
changing chat name does not go so well - one XO display froze, the XO on
chat35 had no issues,

paint tests using versions 19 and 23
7 XOs all in paint but cant see each others work, do appear in frame
can invite XOs to paint, tested invites twice - appear in frame but cant see
each others work
when choosing fill the XO locks up - tested on 4 XOs - cannot stop activity
from frame on 3, can stop from activity menu x 1
can stop from activity menu x 2 if not locked up with the fill button
2 XOs can use fill without lock up (they filled canvas with black) but then
1 cant stop from activity menu and 1 can stop both methods
1 XO joined paint activity from neighbourhood and found that it remembered
its own last drawing
gamer keys and joystick keys seem a bit muddled - expected arrows to be
directional but gamer keys were instead?
rotate doesnt show as expected on whole activity at 90 and 270 degrees -
goes off screen but can scroll
successful import on photos taken in record
sizing of selection within canvas works well with arrow up and down but
cannot delete and type over the numbers - cursor shows in resize number area
but no typing option

Works well, not sure about game key functionality. Description and
instructions on the activity page would be useful so we knew what
functionality was expected.

Simcity - kids like this and they did not find any problems other than they
didnt have enough money :-)

Thanks everyone

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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