[Server-devel] XS Community Edition 0.3 (Release Candidate 1)

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Mon May 20 02:49:21 EDT 2013

Do you have one of the early 1.75 models? I get a similar install
glitch on one of my early 1.75s. Somewhere near the end of the install
the screen goes blank if I haven't poked the touchpad lately.

Would you mind filing a bug about the moodle login at
https://sugardextrose.org/projects/xsce/issues ?

It will be our first public bug reported to the project :) After hours
and hours working late into the night and talking to each other.... We
will finally have feedback from a potential user!

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 1:36 AM,  <tkkang at nurturingasia.com> wrote:
> Great work. I installed the XSCE on a Class 10 SD card today to run on a XO1.75. Still get a blank screen towards the end of the installation. Connection seems working well so far. Manage to connect a bunch of XO to test. Tested two registration and was able to autologin to Moodle on OS 12.1.0 but not on a 13.1.0.
> Thanks for all the hardwork. Looking forward to new features.
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>>Subject: [Server-devel] XS Community Edition 0.3 (Release Candidate 1)
>>A big thank you to anyone who can test RC1, almost three months after
>>XSCE 0.2 -- we now have big changes for all to try out with the
>>imminent XSCE 0.3:
>>   * XSCE runs on XOs' brand new OLPC OS 13.1.0,
>>     thanks to XSCE's fast migration from Fedora 17 to 18 these past weeks
>>   * XSCE now runs on XO-4 and XO-1.5, in addition to the its XO-1.75
>>     origins--with x86 & x64 testing just now beginning in earnest.
>>     Highly experimental XO-1 functionality now proven, tho NOT advised!
>>   * Auto-recognition and mounting of USB hard drives
>>   * Modular Architecture: cleanly integrate extendable services,
>>     perhaps soon including http://internet-in-a-box.org
>>     successfully tested this wkd: http://schoolserver.org/0.3/IIAB
>>   * Full offline installs possible going forward:
>>     set up your own USB memory stick installer.
>>     Compare To: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OS_Builder
>>   * Moodle is Back!
>>   * Content filtering via openDNS.com and dansguardian.org
>>So grab an old XO-1.5 or similar and give XSCE 0.3 RC1 give these
>>earnest/sleep-deprived volunteers' offering a whirl:
>>   http://schoolserver.org/0.3
>>Many people would LOVE to hear your feedback testing the above before
>>final release just a couple weeks away!  Til then, these little guys
>>rock (TM, iLoveMyXO.com !)  Monster thanks to the folks whose
>>months of springtime work went into this imminent accomplishment--
>>traveling days from quite different parts of North America to make
>>this community product real.
>>With photos for those who missed Toronto's hard-driving volunteer
>>sprint in person: http://haitiDreams.org and http://planet.laptop.org
>>Finally, read more about this humble little community all contributors
>>are welcome to join at:
>>  http://schoolserver.org
>>Lastly. for the real art contest?  We could really use a logo/design
>>if any artistically-inclined volunteer can contribute visual
>>inspiration(s) -- embracing the Open Education Movement we hope
>>will be unleashed by "offline cloud" schoolserver-like technologies!
>>Helps kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net
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