[Server-devel] Community Schoolserver Sprint Video Wrapup: Saturday 10AM NYC Time!

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Jul 13 04:37:22 EDT 2013

Please join in 5.5 hours, at 10am NYC Time!  That's our wide-open live
video sprint wrapup, reviewing XS Community Edition's rapid evolution over
the past 12 months, and particularly the last week, which will be live
right off these pages:


As our XSCE 0.4 hacking week here in Canada finishes up, all questions are
most welcome, from implementers and educators especially!  So many key
hacking bits came together during our sprint (see http://schoolserver.organd
http://flickr.com/tiayiti for just a glimpse!) and yet underlying this are
many more future advances like roster/attendance systems EG.
http://schooltool.org or Moodle, as well as business
consolidation/franchising tools like ansible/Puppet/OpenVPN.  All of which
are coming, but some here are of course also interested in genuine
community education, catalyzing exciting local solutions -- beyond
monetizing yet more students eyeballs for Facebook.  Not to mention iPhone
Apps for Third World Ministers of Education during their next round of golf
;)  So please bring your own driving questions, please!  Perhaps:

* HOW can free content/activities/servers like
http://internet-in-a-box.orgbe high-enough quality for genuine
* WHEN will we globally/regionally fund offline digital libraries for
developing countries, to provide our kids the local/global best?
* WHO does a School Server really serve: the kids/families or simply the
management?  *O**r can we "unleash teachers" sitting in between?*
* WHAT is an "open LMS" (Learning Management System) beyond the hype?  When
privacy and copyright issues define so much of education!
* WHERE exactly can volunteers make an impact installing school servers in
Nepal, Haiti, India, Pakistan, Lesotho, South Pacific & beyond?
* WHEREFORE are thou technical support, teacher training and direct
community benefit -- EG. unleashing Sugar's Journal for parents' and
teachers' holistic embrace of the learning arc?
* COULD Amazon/Kindle and similar publishers sabotage "offline cloud"
digital library innovations like Pathagar and
http://olenepal.org/e-pustakalaya ?
* WHICH learning analytics/stats are inevitably coming (surveillance of
child and teacher for God & Country) when the *intellectual autonomy* of
our coming generation is fundamentally under question in the NSA era?

LEARNING SCENARIO: a 10-year-old girl scout blows the whistle on industrial
pollution in her developing country, with an elegant environmental project
report -- while her government chooses to protect foreign investment by
shutting her up, carefully vacuuming up the digital tracks of progressive
eye-opening teachers who made the mistake of asking their students to
think.  QUESTION: What XSCE-like technologies can protect her civic
learning experience that lies at the core of democracy?

Write to contact(AT)unleashkids.org or Tweet hashtag #unleashkids if you
prefer written questions.  Advance apologies Google limits us to 10
simultaneous video participants, please be patient viewing the live feed if
we reach this limit, and Thanks Much *for Attending this Progressive

On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 10:29 PM, Adam Holt <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

> This intensive weeklong "XSCE" sprint (School Server Community Edition) is
> bringing great accomplishments around http://Internet-in-a-Box.org and
> Pathagar (http://olpcsf.org/node/126), from those here in Manitoba,
> Canada and the many participating remotely.  Including one celebrated
> volunteer contributor who flew all the way out here without even telling us
> of his birthday today!  OK, as we conclude in just over 48hrs, we invite
> all to our open video hangout-on-air, bringing your
> implementers/educators/volunteers' *live video questions 10AM NYC Time,
> this Saturday July 13*, starting right here:
>    http://youtube.com/unleashkids
> O dear, yes it's true, support requests coming into Facebook already ;)
> EG. "xsce -- does it allow internet access from XO?"  I'm really NOT in
> love w/ FB, but those who can, plz support curious/DIY/ground-up
> pioneers/educators questions here!
>    http://facebook.com/unleashkids
> Bonus this'll help make implementers and educators' documentation
> increasingly precise, off of the real documentation Anna Schoolfield &
> others are starting to crank out @ http://schoolserver.org.  Those not
> comfortable with live video, please Tweet your school server questions
> using hashtag #unleashkids -- or simply write to contact at unleashkids.org.
> And the daily techie recap of course:
>    http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/server-devel/2013-July/006542.html
> http://docs.google.com/document/d/1o6QtzLb6e58YKWqMf_junux2XyBRLFm31un8YLcYslg
> Most important, thanks to the unsung heroes all for your insanely hard
> work pulling this together this evolving design (Tony Anderson etc) and
> community product!  Last but not least producer Mike Lee for his *biweekly
> video interviews of the extraordinary unheralded work across the OLPC/Sugar
> world -- including Ian Thomson & Nick Doiron our South Pacific guest
> speakers coming Mon July 22nd, 6PM NYC Time, as well as Rita+Bert
> Freudenberg presenting the full history and future of Etoys on Mon Aug 19*
> .
> Sneak Preview: our 1st Latin American presentation of Mon Aug 5 will be
> announced soon @ http://twitter.com/unleashkids =)
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