[Server-devel] village server

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sat Aug 17 09:27:42 EDT 2013


I assume this situation is also solar-powered. What is the range over 
which the school server has to be accessible? Do you wire the APs back 
to the central location or provide solar power directly to each?

I fully agree that the school server needs its own power in a solar 
environment. At the first school in Lesotho, the solar installation 
provides more than enough power so that the server did not require 
additional panels. However, additional panels were installed to enable 
the server to be located nearer to the 'computer room' when it was 
expected all computer classes would be conducted in that room.

At the second school, the laptops are charged from individual panels so 
that the school server needs a dedicated solar panel and set of batteries.

Even in the community server situation, I would expect it would be on 
say from 0700-1100 and shut down overnight.


On 08/17/2013 02:35 PM, Anish Mangal wrote:
> I think this may be the case in a few other places as well. For example
> in Bhagmalpur, the school server isnt deployed at a school but a
> somewhat central location in the village and the children can access the
> server anytime, not just during school hours.
> Also one might think that the XS consumes negligible power when compared
> with 50 xo laptops but keep in mind that the server needs to come across
> as an 'always on' appliance, including all the wireless APs. Thus while
> the laptops might be used for, say 2-3 hours a day. An XS must be kept
> on always, along with the hard disks, and along with all the wireless
> APs. In such a scenario I would say the the XS preferably have its own
> power supply and backup system.

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