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Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Thu Aug 8 05:39:51 EDT 2013

El 06/08/13 08:33, Tony Anderson escribió:
> As mentioned, there are server developments at many deployments. What 
> would be great is a co-operative team that would work to provide 
> capabilities in a way that can be distributed widely. I am sure that 
> Peru is working on a method to deliver email via usb drive (and 
> internet cafes). I just don't have any visibility in the method taken, 
> the technology employed, or whether the development can be applicable 
> outside of Peru.

We've made a significant effort to have all of our development visible 

Also most of our technical and non-technical documentation is in English:

We are server-solution-agnostic and merely provide a set of specialized 
services packaged for major distributions at this time. To take 
advantage of all Sugar Network capabilities, a patched Sugar shell is 
necessary (SN-plugin). It adds a special view to participate in the 
Sugar Network.

It is interesting that we are specifically trying to tackle the 
downstreams/upstream cooperation/distribution issue. Still, we're not 
planning to add an email gateway to the Sugar Network at this time, but 
expect most communication to happen over the Sugar Network support 
forums / knowledge base, which is also accessible using a regular browser:

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