[Server-devel] ARM on XS -- how can I integrate my work?

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On Jun 24, 2012, at 7:14 AM, George Hunt wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm not done yet, but I've been making progress on porting XS code to ARM by making modifications to DSD's  XS-0.7.  Upon his suggestion, I have been basing my work on the srpms posted at http://xs-dev.laptop.org/xsrepos/stable/olpc/xs-0.7/source/.
> I'm following Peter Robinson's suggestion, and using FC17 armv7hl snapshots as a base.  The systemd startup requires mostly trivial changes from the old systemV mechanisms.
> Now that I've got some of the services running, I'm wondering how to contribute to the XS codebase.  What I'd prefer is to contribute deltas from XS-0.7 that use `uname -p` to enable the appropriate path through the startup scripts.
> But I think contributing deltas presupposes that I'm working off of a git repository.  
> Earlier, I started using the git sources at dev.laptop.org, and I discovered that there did not appear to be an obvious set of git repos, corresponding to XS-0.7. Paths for repos that had the most recent changes included:
> /packages/
> /projects/
> /bios-crypto/
> /users/martin/ 

> Any suggestions on how we should proceed?
> George
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A while ago I asked for clarification about which git branches where the correct ones to pull from and never got a satisfactory answer.
I had a few things I wanted to submit as patches but have been holding back on it.
Meanwhile I had a few equipment failures and had to rebuild some drives and used my main ARM system for testing the evolving F17 for ARM which has finally gone GA. ( Along with some disruption from a flood which fortunately missed the XOs).
I think the approach overall that I have been taking is a bit different from yours as my long term goal is to support the 2 current ARM archs that Fedora currently is built for and trying a few other new things to make the components used to be more similar to what is upstream.  This is possibly a more experimental approach than you are using.  Part of my plan is to set up my own ARM based Koji system.  I have enough ARM devices to do this but need to order one more to make it more viable.
 Maybe we can compare notes in October...at the OLPC-SF 2012 Community Summit. 


Robert H
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