[Server-devel] We need: examples of XS hardware in use --

akleider at sonic.net akleider at sonic.net
Wed Jan 13 16:46:55 EST 2010

>> We have looked at two machines. The Fit PC and the Fit PC2. Both were
>> for
>> small deployments (<25 units).
>> The Fit PC:
>> 500MHz Geode, with 512MB RAM. Full specs at
>> http://www.fit-pc.com/fit-pc1/whats-new.html
>> Power consumption at the AC/DC powerbrick = 8W
>> Stays warm to the touch (104 F in 72 F ambient temp)
>> We replaced the factory installed drive with a 64GB SSD.
>> The Fit PC2:
>> 1.6 GHz Atom, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 6 ports, etc. Full specs at
>> http://www.fit-pc.com/web/fit-pc2/fit-pc2-specifications/
>> Power consumption at the AC/DC powerbrick = 15W
>> Gets hot to the touch.
>> We've installed XS 0.6 on both machines successfully. The FitPC2 does
>> have
>> some reboot issues (hangs) so we didn't send it to Madagascar. We have
>> the
>> FitPC in the field in Maroantsetra, Madagascar, but isn't being used
>> much
>> due to other issues (lack of tech expertise in the field). We'll know
>> more
>> about the behavior of these once Ben (cc'd) has had a run of tests on
>> these
>> machines later this month.
> The Fit-PC is very close in specs to the XO-1. I have one which I use
> as a firewall/gateway. It has similar limitations to the XO especially
> WRT memory. The Fit-PC2i looks interesting as it re-introducing the
> second ethernet port and can have more ram. It also has wifi so you
> can have a WAN port, a LAN port as well as using it as a wifi AP.
> Peter
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As I remember it, Sameer and I were UNABLE to make use of the fitPC2's
wifi as an AP to provide connectivity to the XO's. Have you been able to
make it work in this way?


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