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Wed Jan 13 16:41:38 EST 2010

Does their Wireless card provide the connectivity necessary to serve as an
access point for the client XOs or do you need another device, and if so,
which device is  being used in Afghanistan or any where else for that
The specs on this device sound very much like those of the fit-PC2 which
we found disappointing in terms of energy requirements and other issues
that Sameer has mentioned.

> Hi Guys,
> There was the info dev list for low cost computing that came out and I
> found Aleutia through this.   In Afghanistan we got some T1's:
> 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom (Fanless)
> 250 GB HDD
> 10-13W Power Use
> Accepts 12V DC
> http://www.aleutia.com/products/t1
> They also produce it with SSD based memory - so that should be less
> likely to die out in the wild.  Also was told that we could get it
> with two ethernet NICs quite easily.  List price $280 w/o drive.  We
> get reseller discounts :)
> Visited them in London a few weeks ago when I was out for a couple
> days.  Quite impressed.  Even using one in our office for our local
> server.
> We have a deployment to Kandahar (very hot very dusty) coming up -
> will install nagios or something similar for monitoring heat
> performance etc. and send that data out.
> Regards,
> -Mike
> 2010/1/13 Reuben K. Caron <reuben at laptop.org>:
>> On Jan 12, 2010, at 7:43 AM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
>>> List, David, Reuben,
>>> We are getting increasing enquiries "what hardware can we use for an
>>> XS in a school with N laptops?", and frankly the
>>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Recommended_Hardware is a bit slim on
>>> concrete recommendations.
>>> So I need your help -- I've added some info in the "hardware known to
>>> work" section, but I'd like David to put more info on the exact model
>>> of MSI Wind he's using, additional hardware, number of laptops
>>> supported, and any extra notes.
>>> Similarly, Reuben, I need more info on what hw the OLPCCorps crowd
>>> is using.
>> OLPC purchased 30  machines for OLPCorps with the following specs from
>> Logic Supply. These units are supporting anywhere between 30-100 XOs.
>> So far the only bug report we have heard was the corrupted mnesia
>> database
>> SolidLogic Fanless Mini-ITX System
>>   -Mainboard: EPIA LN10000EG 1 GHz and HP7
>>   -Case: Serener GS-L02 Fanless Mini-ITX Case - Black
>>   -Memory: 1GB DDR2 667 RAM
>>   -HDD Standard: 160GB 3.5" Seagate SATA 7200rpm
>>   -Power Switch: None - Unit will be set to Auto-Power-On
>>> And anyone else that's running an XS (hi Hamilton!)... we need your hw
>>> profile and your numbers.
>>> Additionally, I've added a 'server sizing' section. It'll be great to
>>> get corroboration that the CPU/RAM to number of users match what you
>>> are using in the field, and whether your server gets in trouble when
>>> usage spikes.
>>> cheers,
>>> m
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