[Server-devel] noisy "service dhcpd status"

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Sep 24 04:26:38 EDT 2009

Running XS-0.6d, "service dhcpd status" is unusually noisy. It looks
like it is regenerating the config file every time I check its status.
Is this intentional?

# service dhcpd status
/etc /
xs-commitchanged -m 'Dirty state' dhcpd-xs.conf
#BASEDNSNAME := testxs.olenepal.org
cp /etc/sysconfig/olpc-scripts/dhcpd.conf.1 dhcpd-xs.conf.tmp
sed -i -e "s/@@BASEDNSNAME@@/testxs.olenepal.org/" dhcpd-xs.conf.tmp
mv dhcpd-xs.conf.tmp dhcpd-xs.conf
xs-commitchanged -m "Made from
/etc/sysconfig/olpc-scripts/dhcpd.conf." dhcpd-xs.conf
dhcpd (pid 3312) is running...


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