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Gerald Ardito gmanb5 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 08:07:41 EDT 2009

This is really helpful.

I have been seeing the same things you saw in items 6 and 7:
shutdown/disconnected XOs still show in Neighborhood view.


On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 7:06 AM, Rangan Srikhanta <rangan at laptop.org.au>wrote:

> Martin,
> Performed some basic testing today with the XS.
> Quite impressive.
> 1 x Linksys WRT54GL - DDWRT v24
> DELL Optiplex 755 - 160 GB, 2Gb Ram(that's all the specs I have for now)
> 30 XO laptops
> Below is a summary of different things I tested to see how they worked - no
> science to what I did.
> 1. PASS - Registered each XO and then hit ctrl-alt-erase to reboot sugar.
> All registered OK.
> 2. PASS - Checked to see each XO was recognised in the neighbourhood view.
> Spot tests consistently re-affirmed this.
> 3. PASS - Shared an activity and then had other XOs join. Includes accurate
> 'huddling' around each activity. Spot check around room to confirm.
> 4. PASS - Switched between activities whilst sharing. E.g. One person who
> was on Record, joined Jigsaw and this change was accurately reflected.
> 5. PASS - When a person switched away from an activity (as opposed to
> exiting it) this was reflected in the neighbourhood view. Spot check around
> room to confirm.
> 6. FAIL - Simulate dead battery - but cold shutting off a machine.
> Neighbourhood did not reflect this, showed they were still online. Had to
> restart, connect back to school server and shutdown properly to leave
> neighbourhood view. They way some of the kids are out in the deployment,
> they are still learning the whole shutdown/exit activity procedure, so this
> could pose a problem - though I understand how this could be hard to
> implement.
> 7. FAIL - a reboot (full restart or ctrl-alt-erase) causes the rebooted
> machines not to accurately reflect who is part of a shared activity. Some
> rebooted machines reflected a more accurate picture than others, but none
> had the full picture. Kids will be going offline and online all the time in
> deployments so I can see how this could become a problem. Though this will
> be somewhat tempered by the ability to still share and view other XOs.
> Thank you,
> Rangan
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