[Server-devel] Initial Feedback

Rangan Srikhanta rangan at laptop.org.au
Sun Oct 11 07:06:32 EDT 2009


Performed some basic testing today with the XS.

Quite impressive. 

1 x Linksys WRT54GL - DDWRT v24
DELL Optiplex 755 - 160 GB, 2Gb Ram(that's all the specs I have for now)
30 XO laptops

Below is a summary of different things I tested to see how they worked - no
science to what I did.

1. PASS - Registered each XO and then hit ctrl-alt-erase to reboot sugar.
All registered OK.
2. PASS - Checked to see each XO was recognised in the neighbourhood view.
Spot tests consistently re-affirmed this. 
3. PASS - Shared an activity and then had other XOs join. Includes accurate
'huddling' around each activity. Spot check around room to confirm.
4. PASS - Switched between activities whilst sharing. E.g. One person who
was on Record, joined Jigsaw and this change was accurately reflected. 
5. PASS - When a person switched away from an activity (as opposed to
exiting it) this was reflected in the neighbourhood view. Spot check around
room to confirm.
6. FAIL - Simulate dead battery - but cold shutting off a machine.
Neighbourhood did not reflect this, showed they were still online. Had to
restart, connect back to school server and shutdown properly to leave
neighbourhood view. They way some of the kids are out in the deployment,
they are still learning the whole shutdown/exit activity procedure, so this
could pose a problem - though I understand how this could be hard to
7. FAIL - a reboot (full restart or ctrl-alt-erase) causes the rebooted
machines not to accurately reflect who is part of a shared activity. Some
rebooted machines reflected a more accurate picture than others, but none
had the full picture. Kids will be going offline and online all the time in
deployments so I can see how this could become a problem. Though this will
be somewhat tempered by the ability to still share and view other XOs.

Thank you,


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