[Server-devel] Student Information System

Nicolas Ganivet nicolas at centresis.org
Thu Oct 1 21:26:58 EDT 2009

Centre SIS (http://www.centresis.org) is an Open Source Student Information System deployed in hundreds of schools worldwide.
It manages everything from student demographic information, courses and schedules, attendance, assignments, gradebooks, progress reports and report cards, discipline incidents, food service, reporting including state reports and many other aspects of school life. It is used by school administrators, teachers, parents and students with different access rights. It is built on a very flexible framework and can be adapted to most schools and school systems.
Would Centre SIS be relevant for the OLPC project? The software is already open source, but we would be ready to donate reasonable customization work, hosting, training and support to the OLPC and/or derived projects.
--Nicolas Ganivet.
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