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Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
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Hello Nicolas, and welcome!

Sorry about the delay in answering...

On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 3:26 AM, Nicolas Ganivet <nicolas at centresis.org> wrote:
> Centre SIS (http://www.centresis.org) is an Open Source Student Information
> System deployed in hundreds of schools worldwide.

Yep! I've reviewed it a couple of times. There is sincere hope in the
Moodle crowd that it grows into a good Moodle companion.

> Would Centre SIS be relevant for the OLPC project?

Maybe, but it's unclear. The XS right now is not big in "school
administration" nor in anything around grade tracking. It may come
later, but it looks unlikely to be soon.

Two scenarios may work...

1 - If CentreSIS can be integrated with Moodle as a slave to Moodle
(rather than controlling Moodle, as most CentreSIS users would usually
expect), then deployments that wake up to the value of this data will
be interested. This scenario paints a CentreSIS install per school,
running on the XS alongside Moodle.

2 - If a single CentreSIS instance can track and augment that data in
many Moodle instances (one per school / XS) then CentreSIS may be
useful at the Ministry of Education or other institution coordinating
the deployment.

Both are kind of long shots. In general, however, very good
integration w Moodle would give CentreSIS (and its "brothers") a great
entry point into the growing Moodle world.


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