[Server-devel] Reg: Google summer of Code under OLPC

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi at cisco.com
Fri Mar 28 13:54:18 EDT 2008

Hi Surendran and Martin,

Not to compete for the interest of a new engineer :-) but I think the
blogger request will be used by all deployments.

In short the kids want to blog! I think we all need to hear their voices

I just got more feedback on why its hard right now:

- You have to create a google account for each user (now, as it accepts
OpenId it might be easier...)
- If you have different blogs, children get confused with the "new post"
- follow the steps for making a new post (on Google blogger) since you
get connected to the internet, and you'll see there are a lot. It
doesn't mean it can't be taught, but usability could be much better for
children usage.
- It's not easy for teachers to take a look at posts before being

I posted that in the updated requirement at:

I can see a client side solution like add a post to blog "button" to the
Write activity which does an HTTP Post to a Google Blogger URL or

HTML form on the XS which posts to site viewable within school then a
post public button or 

full Moodle/Drupal class content management GUI.

Regardless, we'd love to have your help! 

It's a matter of which you want to work on (admin tools or teaching/kid
tools) and which is more important to the success of the whole project.
I've been through enough deployment firedrills already to appreciate how
much we need an XS admin GUI so I agree that both are important.

That said, if you have any cycles to work on blogger we could use the
help and I'll make sure you get direct feedback from real kids and
teachers. The blogger tool is the only direct request for new code I
have heard from end users. It help gather future input if we can show
responsiveness on this first requirement.

Martin works for OLPC. Long term, his success and the organizations
success is paramount so I defer to him to set OLPC priorities.


Greg S


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Welcome Surendran!

2008/3/27 surendran m <surenspost at gmail.com>:
> Regarding the idea itself ,the problem of networked blogging has been

The networked blogging plan is - I think - a Uruguay-only thing. I am
not sure how the mentor proposes to make it work for all XSs. Also note
- Moodle is in the roadmap, and has a blog facility, and an enhanced
blog module is in the works right now. Perhaps shifting the focus to
Moodle might work there.

> On the second part , the development of a interface for school server 
> admin I have the following doubts :
> 1. Is it a web interface or a app ?

Web app. The XS will normally be headless - that is, no monitor or
keyboard. A black box, sitting in a corner ;-)

>  2. What all features are required in the school server ?

Have a read of the roadmap ;-)


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