[Server-devel] Reg: Google summer of Code under OLPC

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 16:15:14 EDT 2008

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 1:54 PM, Greg Smith (gregmsmi)
<gregmsmi at cisco.com> wrote:
>  In short the kids want to blog! I think we all need to hear their voices
>  too.

Hi Greg!

I sure want to support blogging. My concern is the blogger tie-in. A
simple suggestion - make the "upstream" blogging action pluggable.

What I'd suggest - in very brief terms - is

 - blog on the XS (WP is ok, as would be Drupal, but do consider
Moodle's blog facility, or the new 'oubog' moodle module)
 - the blog on the XS can have an option "publish to the world"...
 - which uses a simple pluggable mechanism to publish out...

the basic pluggable module needs to have 1 function/method: post blog
entry :-) (which returns the url of the blog entry on success?). In
practice you might need a few more, for example a "register account"
method if it can be automated...

With that generic machinery in place, if provide a blogger.com plugin,
that's great. Ideally I'd like to see other plugins that can be
pointed to a standalone WP install on the internet, so a local
education authority could run it.

Just don't make it _tied_ to blogger.com -- which is a commercial, add
supported service. There are good blog APIs so you don't actually need
to - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MetaWeblog


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