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surendran m surenspost at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 06:25:12 EDT 2008

hello all !

Hi all !

I am suren, Third year Engineering student from India. I am very much
interested to contribute for OLPC. I checked out the OLPC page and  am keen
to work on the school server Idea.

Regarding the idea itself ,the problem of networked blogging has been
explained nicely and I guess i can work on the following parts which are
required. I am also thinking of other features which I will add up in my
1. To customize wordpress a simpler user interface for students - either
stripping/adding functionalities
2. To add functionalities for access , permissions and previleges at various
3. To add replication support so that local data is maintained locally and
the bandwidth usage optimized
4. Easy to deploy method

On the second part , the development of a interface for school server admin
I have the following doubts :
1. Is it a web interface or a app ? I read in the school server roadmap that
its being planned to be a web app ! But using py-gtk implementing it as a
native application wont be that difficult !
2. What all features are required in the school server ?
 DNS/apache or any webserver /ftp for study material | local chat / local
wiki configuration / users | local package manger for OLPC's

please let me if there is something being required upon to work so that I
can work out a proposal based upon that !

looking forward for your reply

Regading myself , I am one of the core webteam
my college ( NIT Trichy) which manages the college website(
www.nitt.edu) and Our technical Festival(pragyan.org). I have good working
expereince python,PHP,server administration and web application development.
I have also worked around with open source blogger - wordpress. I along with
another student have developed nittians.com , using wordpress and writing
our own code to fetch the posts from all the college students'  blogs and
display in the site.Thats the main reason I choose to work for this project
as it suits my interests and I believe I can do some nice work as I am
already familiar in this area.

Third year Engineering student
NIT Trichy
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