[Server-devel] Reg: Google summer of Code under OLPC

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 11:37:25 EDT 2008

Welcome Surendran!

2008/3/27 surendran m <surenspost at gmail.com>:
> Regarding the idea itself ,the problem of networked blogging has been

The networked blogging plan is - I think - a Uruguay-only thing. I am
not sure how the mentor proposes to make it work for all XSs. Also
note - Moodle is in the roadmap, and has a blog facility, and an
enhanced blog module is in the works right now. Perhaps shifting the
focus to Moodle might work there.

> On the second part , the development of a interface for school server admin
> I have the following doubts :
> 1. Is it a web interface or a app ?

Web app. The XS will normally be headless - that is, no monitor or
keyboard. A black box, sitting in a corner ;-)

>  2. What all features are required in the school server ?

Have a read of the roadmap ;-)


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