[Server-devel] Database on server

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Mar 20 14:47:33 EDT 2008

Smells like a religious war to me.

You are correct that postgres is in the build, but nothing
currently requires it.   The idmgr package is using sqlite instead.

Martin can either make this call or lead further discussion.


On Mar 20, 2008, at 2:17 PM, Carol Lerche wrote:

> I notice that the pre-installed database for the xs build is  
> PostGres.  Now I have nothing against PostGres.  It is a fine  
> database, and was a "real" (ACID) database from the start, unlike  
> MySQL.  I certainly advocated that it be used in preference to  
> MySQL for de novo projects at clients in the past.  But from the  
> standpoint of making a choice that enables the most other open  
> source software to be installed and to run without difficulty, I  
> believe MySQL would be a better choice today, especially since its  
> former deficiencies have largely been rectified.  In summary this  
> is a recommendation based on a desire to lower the development  
> costs of reusing software, not a theoretical determination of which  
> database is "better".
> Any thoughts?
> Carol Lerche
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