[Server-devel] Drupal on OLPC? (Martin Langhoff)

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 12:00:00 EDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Greg Smith (gregmsmi)
<gregmsmi at cisco.com> wrote:
>  Thanks for the comments and direction.
>  I'm still working on options for the Uruguay requirement (BTW now
>  rewritten, verified with tech lead in Montevideo and posted in wiki at:
>  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Requiremientos_Para_XO).

Read it. Sounds great! A lot of what they've been trying to do is
exactly what moodle does, so once moodle is on the XS, I think we will
be 99% there.

Also - I will be in Buenos Aires for ~3 weeks (30th March to 18th
April). Discussing with Fernando Da Rosa about perhaps catching the
ferry to Colonia.

>  If we get that traction how we do we make the solution broadly
>  available?

Making sure it makes it into the XS image, right now as an RPM package ;-)

>  If we focus on Moodle and Media Wiki do we work directly with those
>  projects or look for some maintainer/lead developer support from OLPC?

I am a core moodle dev, and I plan to do some work here see the K-12
forum in moodle.org - and get in touch with Gary Anderson - see his
posts in the k-12 forum where I posted about the XS.

But it won't happen immediately -- first a lot of OS work needs my attention.

>  On the drupal front, perhaps we can have a model where XS code can be
>  added like activities are added to XO. E.g. core activities plus
>  downloadable additions via well defined install.

RPM packages

>  The great thing about this project is that we get direct user feedback
>  from a real XO deployment! So Uruguayan technicians, teachers and
>  students are part of the design from the start.

I know - I find it addictive myself - ;-)



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