[Server-devel] Drupal on OLPC? (Martin Langhoff)

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi at cisco.com
Thu Mar 20 10:51:11 EDT 2008

Hi Martin et al,

Thanks for the comments and direction.

I'm still working on options for the Uruguay requirement (BTW now
rewritten, verified with tech lead in Montevideo and posted in wiki at:

We want any new work to be available in all deployments. Unless the XS
base install works for teachers and students out of the box, we need to
go where the most development support is available. 

Looks like you suggest current Moodle and MediaWiki plus possible added
code (may be outside XS scope, e.g. client side or system level) unless
we get great traction with Drupal team. 

If we get that traction how we do we make the solution broadly

If we focus on Moodle and Media Wiki do we work directly with those
projects or look for some maintainer/lead developer support from OLPC?

On the drupal front, perhaps we can have a model where XS code can be
added like activities are added to XO. E.g. core activities plus
downloadable additions via well defined install.

The great thing about this project is that we get direct user feedback
from a real XO deployment! So Uruguayan technicians, teachers and
students are part of the design from the start.

For now, we will try all options until we find a viable design and
developers interested in pursuing it. Any additional input on where to
focus efforts re: developer recruitment and target software is greatly


Greg S

I do think Moodle i very strong in all course or student-group content
and activity mgmt, and getting better all the time. It's patchy in the
"general content for everyone", where MediaWiki shines, and we will also
have MW there to host partial Wikipedia content.

There has to be a strong case for a 3rd system that overlaps so much
with those 2 -- each additional system is a significant burden, as we
will have to customise it quite a bit.

Having said that, I _like_ Drupal, and it can be used usefully, but we
are entering diminishing returns region (from a core OLPC team POV), so
if the Drupal community can help get this in shape, that would be great.
IOWs it won't be a priority for me.



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