[Server-devel] School Server Tele-Conference?

Bryan Berry bryan at olenepal.org
Tue Mar 18 09:07:40 EDT 2008


I realize you are likely using this week to get up to speed on the XS.
When you get a chance, we should have Tele-conference this week or next
for the individuals working on the XS. We really need to discuss our
particular requirements, timelines, roadmaps, and of course your vision
for the XS.

This would be very helpful for me as I will probably spend 40-50% of my
time over the next 12 months working on the School Server and Sulochan
likewise. We also hope to bring a linux expert to Nepal to work
full-time on the XS for 5-6 months. Knowing the direction of the XS will
make our work easier.  

Since you're the XS Architect, perhaps it would be best for us to first
hear your ideas for the XS and then we could barrage you with our ideas
and requests in a semi-structured manner.

Here are some ideas for the agenda:

1. Short introductions from participants
2. Martin discusses his ideas about the School Server

3. Requirements
   a) 1st World
   b) 2nd Word
   c) Developing World

4. Timelines

5. Technology
   a) Software - stick w/ Fedora or eventually move to Debian :)
	XS Services
	Administration Interface
   b) Hardware - custom hardware or commodity servers?

6. Documentation
State of current documentation

7. Set a roadmap

Two Hours would be right amount of time for the teleconference.

If the teleconference gets above 10 people I don't think it would be
very manageable or super-productive, that's my two cents.

Bryan W. Berry
Systems Engineer
OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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