[Server-devel] Testing 200 XO's in two weeks time for Nepal's pilot

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 02:38:00 EST 2008

Hey guys,

Nepal should receive its shipment of 200 XO's in roughly 14 days from

Here is the Rough Test Plan I have in mind

1. Boot into firmware and run test-all
2. Load customized image based on 656 build
3. Test localization on each XO (read Nepali, type in Nepali)
4. Test that basic activities like browse, E-Paati, EToys work
5. Associate XO's w/ school server via active antenna, test basic school
services, cache, moodle, file downloads, chat


How do I get developer keys for all 200 XO's and then how do I
deactivate the developer keys after I no longer need access to the

Which anti-theft features of Bitfrost have been implemented on the XO's
we will receive? I distinctly recall there was some kind of mechanism
where the XO would "phone home" periodically to a central database to
see if it matched a list of stolen XO's. 

How many XO's can a single active antenna support? We only have two
active antennas at the moment. 

Should we buy extra regular access points to back up our active
antennas? Again, would love to know if particular AP is preferred and
how many XO's one can support. I read in the devel list today that the
WRT54G is not preferred. 

We will have two pilot schools. One w/ 110 students and the other w/ 50

I appreciate any other ideas on testing the XO's, particularly testing
the batteries and the network.

The Test_Config_Notes page in the wiki refers to this script to
Can anyone tell me if it is up-to-date?

Notes: These XO's may have been tested thoroughly at the factory but I
would prefer to at least run the firmware's "test-all" command after the
XO's arrive in Nepal. I have been a sysadmin for about 10 years and I
have always run some kind of diagnostics on new hardware before I put it
into production.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

Bryan W. Berry
Systems Engineer
OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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