[Server-devel] Testing 200 XO's in two weeks time for Nepal's pilot

Marten Vijn info at martenvijn.nl
Mon Mar 3 03:15:14 EST 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-03 at 13:23 +0545, Bryan Berry wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Nepal should receive its shipment of 200 XO's in roughly 14 days from
> today. 
> Here is the Rough Test Plan I have in mind
> 1. Boot into firmware and run test-all
> 2. Load customized image based on 656 build
> 3. Test localization on each XO (read Nepali, type in Nepali)
> 4. Test that basic activities like browse, E-Paati, EToys work
> 5. Associate XO's w/ school server via active antenna, test basic school
> services, cache, moodle, file downloads, chat
I would try to boot usb-stick/sd and not touch the XO it's onboard disk.
For repatative testing I would make small cf/sd/usb device that would
net/pxeboot and boot a tree in nfs. Or try the to find usb-nic with a
Then you could test /swap the image rather fast.

> Questions: 
> How many XO's can a single active antenna support? We only have two
> active antennas at the moment. 

on a normal ap max 254, but i won't perform, I did not recieve one on my
request (Jan) so cant tell/test these.

> Should we buy extra regular access points to back up our active
> antennas? Again, would love to know if particular AP is preferred and
> how many XO's one can support. I read in the devel list today that the
> WRT54G is not preferred. 
I have build AP based on Soekris / Wrap hardware. I bridge mutliple
wireless (abg) nic's to utp. I filter with pf (openbsdfirewall with

These perform quite well on FreeBSD. It boots from flash, that could
support whatever you want (smpt/ olsr / bgp / ospf / http). 

Faster boards have usb 1.0 (for umass / blooth )

If needed i could build a cf or you could user pfsense (with httpgui) 

kind regards,


Marten Vijn
linux 2.0.18 OpenBSD 3.6 FreeBSD 4.6

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