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Tarun Pondicherry tarunpondicherry at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 06:00:36 EDT 2008

Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
> [ccing sugar]
> Hi, just some comments:
> On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 5:55 AM, Tarun Pondicherry
> <tarunpondicherry at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1) Provide a client side Browse based WYSIWYG editor that does what the
>> editor in Moodle Blog does for students to easily create and edit
>> posts.  This version will be sugarized and I think should be modeled
>> after the interface in the Write Activity.  I've done a quick mostly
>> nonfunctional page to show what I have in mind here:
>> http://olpc.betarun.com/ui/student_editor.php.  This same page will have
>> a list where students can select where they want to post the blog.
>> (This may be preset by the teacher so students don't need to select).
>> When the students click the post option, the blog post will be pushed
>> into the selected system (Moodle on XS, Blogger.com, Wordpress on a
>> server).  This needs to support image upload, and it would be nice to
>> support video too. (though video is unlikely to be in this version).
>> Greg wants this rolled out quickly, which is why we think browse based
>> is better than Write for the task.  (XO images will not need to be
>> updates)  Future XO builds can integrate this portion into Write as
>> well, but from previous discussion (from back during my SoC app) it
>> looks like this is outside the scope of the project for Uruguay.
> Yes, I see three possibilities (two you have already mentioned):
> - Use libabiword as the editor. Disadvantages: possible loss of
> fidelity when exporting to html, additions to the API will require a
> new libabiword rpm to be installed, or ship a private one inside the
> bundle. Very big advantage: simultaneous edit by several kids.
> - Use a JS editor inside Browse. There must exist dozens of FOSS
> solutions, are you sure none of them works for what we are trying to
> do?
They work, but I feel that I would be stripping off so much that 
building from the ground up is easier.  Basically instead of taking the 
whole thing and deleting sections of code, I want to copy the chunks I 
need into this editor.  I don't intend on doing everything from scratch.
> - Embed Mozilla's editor inside an activity similarly to how we are
> embedding the browse in Browse.
> http://www.xulplanet.com/references/xpcomref/comps/c_editorhtmleditor1.html
This looks very promising.  The only question I have is how easily I 
would be able to make that interface mimic Write and add options to it.  
(I assume it would involve changes to Browse or other sugar code).  HTML 
controls don't display using the sugar interface controls either, so I'm 
unsure if this uses them.
> Not sure which one is the best for you, perhaps going with #2 may be
> easier? Would be good to leave space for growing later as needed,
> though. #1 and #3 would give you support for tables.
I'm not sure why #2 (JS editor) would not give me support for tables.  
Doesn't Gecko's Midas provide functions to create and modify tables?  
(I've done it with editors that run in firefox.)  Has that feature been 
disabled for some reason?
> Good luck,
> Tomeu
Thanks for the input.


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