[Server-devel] EduBlog: Issue Posting to Blogger from Venango (XS 163)

Tony Pearson tpearson at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 16 06:00:08 EDT 2008

Why does "git-pull" work on your /home/tarun directory but not the main 
directory.  Does "git-pull" written in PHP itself?

PHP is not part of the standard XS-163 build.  I did a standard "yum 
install php" and also got "php-gd" and "php-xml".  This is at 5.2.4 level. 
 I can download the latest php-5.2.6 source, recompile it with the options 
you need.  However, this means that I have to uninstall the current php, 
so the Web site must be down for this.  I see from "who" command that you 
are logged on, so can wait until you are off before I do this. 

Please advise.

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Tarun Pondicherry <tarunpondicherry at gmail.com> 
07/15/2008 11:49 PM

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Re: EduBlog: Issue Posting to Blogger from Venango (XS 163)

Hi Tony, Martin,

Glen told me nothing is blocked in PA.  I've tracked the problem to our 
php install, so my initial suspicion was wrong.  PHP was compiled with 
--disable-dom, but that is required for the GData lib to operate.  I 
tried to find how to install it manually, but so far my searching has 
only turned up that it is part of the php core and no install is required.

I'm wondering if this has to do with the set up of the school server.  I 
think php is part of the xs build (can't find the exact page, but 
remember seeing it somewhere).  If so, is there a reason for disabling 
this extension?


Tony Pearson wrote:
> Tarun,
> Yes, firewall is enabled as part of the standard XS-163 install.   I 
> opened up ports for HTTP, HTTPS, SSH.    Nobody mentioned 443 as a 
> port that needs to be opened, and I don't know what changes to make to 
> make that happen.    However, the blocking should be incoming not 
> outgoing, so perhaps Glen has additional filtering/blocking in Oil 
> City, PA where the machine is located.  Glen? 

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