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Anna aschoolf at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 22:44:03 EST 2008

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 7:47 PM, David Leeming
<leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb>wrote:

> I am using USB active antenna (prototype). Has always worked well with 0.4.

I've used both the AA and AP's and it doesn't seem to matter as far as this
ejabberd issue goes.

> I concur with Anna that if you leave them connected, after considerable
> time
> they do partially populate.

My user group is fairly loyal and extremely patient.  It helps that we have
other methods of communication, such as a home page, email, wordpress (once
I installed mysql and migrated the database), laconica (once I figured out
that darn missing dependency), and a permanent jabber MUC room.  Once we let
each other know, one way or another, that ejabberd wasn't behaving as it did
under 0.4, most folks understood.

> I have run olpc-netstatus on all four laptops, making first certain that:
> - all are connected to School Server
> - all appear in eJabberd as online users
> - none appear in network neighbourhood (you can't see any on any laptop) 15
> mins+ after first connected
> Remember, they are all registered and running 8.2

This doesn't seem like an XO issue.  It looks like a server issue.

My user group is quite diverse.  They're literally all over the continent.
We didn't have any issues under 0.4, so 0.5 is kind of a hassle right now.
We're currently using and testing XS 0.5 ejabberd with:

Traditional Sugar XOs with 656, 714, 767, and joyride builds, mostly using
the chat activity, gajim, or finch as clients

XO's booting gentoo, ubuntu, and debian, usually using pidgin for the client

Regular desktops/laptops running Ubuntu, Mandriva, or Windows XP with
assorted clients

My personal Ubuntu desktop where I log in as the "admin" user for ejabberd
on pidgin

A Macbook Pro (that's you tinker!) using adium as a client

Webchat applications such as jwchat (one of my users wants to connect via
her work and that's the only thing that will work with Internet Explorer and
I can't get it to work on the XS) and jabberworld, which I installed

So I think we've tested ejabberd on XS 0.5 with as much as any user group
could possibly throw at it and it still isn't reliable as far as seeing
everyone.  Since we're extremely patient, we do eventually see most folks,
but it's been a perplexing experience.  We never had this issue under XS
0.4.  And I can't comfortably install XS 0.5 in a school if ejabberd keeps
acting like this.

Anna Schoolfield
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