[Server-devel] AP with fixed IP address

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 20 16:47:41 EDT 2008

John Watlington wrote:
> I think Jerry misunderstood your question.
No, just away for my computer. The next question was to ensure that the 
AP was really for use with the XOs and not for an ISP.

> You can assign the AP an address from the range to  
> This is within the address range assigned to eth1 (in /etc/sysconfig/ 
> network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1)
> but outside of the range that DHCP is set to provide on that  
> interface (.0.2 to .0.254)
> Other parameters for machines located statically on the school LAN  
> (eth1):
Thanks, forgot that there is a range parameter for the 0.0/23 network in 
the dhcp config.

> Cheers,
> John

> On Aug 20, 2008, at 6:13 AM, David Leeming wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> To clarify, I am talking about a minimal set up of a school server.  
>> Just
>> burning the image on a computer that has two network cards  
>> installed, and
>> following the instructions on the school server wiki page to change  
>> the
>> domain name and register an ejabberd admin account.
>> I am then using a simple access point device like a D-Link 2100AP,  
>> set to
>> get an IP address from a DHCP server, plugged in to the second  
>> network card.
>> With this simple configuration, I have found that it then works  
>> without any
>> more changes to any config files etc.
>> My question is, with a particular type of AP that I am required to  
>> use,
>> which uses a fixed IP, what config changes do I need to make in the  
>> XS? The
>> AP cannot be set to get an IP address from the XS.
>> Is this clear enough?
>> David Leeming
>> OLPC Coordinator, SPC and Technical Advisor, People First Network
>> Honiara, Solomon Islands
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>> 2008/8/20 David Leeming <leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb>:
>>> I am setting up a server using a outdoor access point from Rural Link
>>> (www.rurallink.co.nz) at our Patukae OLPC trial school site in  
>>> Solomon
>>> Islands. It's a type that can't get an IP address from a DHCP  
>>> server and
>> on
>>> the LAN side needs to be fixed.
>> Jerry's answer is correct. Edit ifcfg-eth0
>>> Normally I have found, when setting up the XS, that if I attach a  
>>> simple
>> AP
>>> to a second NIC using eth1, with DHCP, there is no additional
>> configuration
>>> required. It works by default.
>> That sounds wrong. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you've done but
>>  - eth0 is the WAN address. Attaching something to eth1 does not solve
>> anything unless you've got eth0 and eth1 mixed up...
>>  - On the LAN side (eth1) don't let the AP act as a router or give
>> DHCP leases. Set it to be a vanilla AP, no DHCP, routing or NAT'ting.
>> It is up to the XS to do routing, NAT'ting, handing out DHCP leases
>> and providing DNS services.
>>> In the case of my Rural Link access point, I need to fix an IP  
>>> address
>>> within the range given by the server - which presumably it also  
>>> uses to
>>> allocate addresses to the XOs.
>> So you are talking about 2 XSs and want one of the servers to be
>> 'downstream' of the other? That'll need a bit of routing glue
>> methinks. Tell us more about the network topology you're setting up...
>> cheers,
>> m
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