[Repairs] Fwd: Welcome to the "Repairs" mailing list

Alan Claver alc at psu.edu
Mon May 5 20:46:21 EDT 2008

On 5/5/08 8:17 PM, "Ixo X oxI" <ixo at myna.ws> wrote:

>> Welcome to the Repairs at lists.laptop.org mailing list! Discussion about
>> repair center infrastructures and communication/tip-swapping between
>> grassroots repair centers. The intended audience is people who are
>> running or who want to run an XO repair center. Note that this is not
>> the place to request repairs to be done on your XO (see
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/Support if that's what you're looking for).

I think another valuable line of responses would be suggestions for
improving the reliability and/or reparability of the XO. These nuggets of
info often come from repair centers by observing problems which occur
frequently or parts that are difficult to access and/or repair or which fail

For example, my first suggestion for future XO laptops would be to make the
keyboard easier to replace. A component which seems to have the most
failures requires the most disassembly of the computer.

Most modern laptops make it easy to remove the keyboard assembly for

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