[OLPC_Boston] Tomorrow's workshops

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Wed Mar 25 01:08:38 EDT 2009

> Tech team can come in on Thursday afternoon to install the server and 
> train an on site team.

Ok, thanks! I'll get you folks a time to come Thurs - my guess is coming 
before the school day ends (3pm) and setting up so you can hand the 
teachers the URL before or at the end of classes would be good. I will 
confirm that, but you can plan your trip now (pick a time). I will send 
you (Elsa, Xy, and Yifan as the XS team leader) contact details offlist 
in a moment.

I'm not sure how much time the teachers will have tomorrow - will ask. 
I'll do a Moodle crash course tomorrow so you have more to go on if you 
get to see them Thursday.

> Also, putting the teachers at CFS in touch with Xy, who is in charge of 
> repairs and tech support - perhaps you can discuss exact meeting time 
> and what you want to get done.

Really really good idea. I will lay the groundwork for that discussion 
tomorrow and make sure they and Xy get talking on that (over this list, 
if humanly possible) tomorrow afternoon.


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