[Olpc-uk] Marketing - OLPC UK Mission

Michael Jordan michael_jordan50 at bigpond.com
Sun Jun 28 09:45:07 EDT 2009

Good afternoon everyone,


I think it an important thing to define what OLPC UK is trying to achieve.
Most importantly, defining a mission ( or for the anti marketing among us -
about us / what we do) will assist in ensuring consistency of message across
all public media about what it is that OLPC UK is trying to achieve. 


The mission is aimed at why do you want to be involved, why would you like
OLPC UK to succeed? Simply from collating this from all interest parties we
can ensure the organisation is designed to achieve the aims of all members -
and ensure the public receive a consistent, professional message from all


It would be great if everyone could take 5 minutes to put one line together
answering these questions to ensure this organisation is moving in the right




Michael Jordan

07 8814 64213

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