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Chévere is used in some other places too but not the whole world.

It is quite frequently used in Venezuela.

Believe the term for Argentina and Uruguay is probably piola.

The spanish dictionary is usually a good resource:


1. adj. Ant., Ec., Hond., Méx., Pan. y Perú. Primoroso, gracioso, bonito, elegante, agradable.
2. adj. Á. Caribe, Bol., El Salv. y Hond. Estupendo, buenísimo, excelente.
3. adj. Col., Cuba, Pan., Perú, R. Dom. y Ven. Benévolo, indulgente. Un profesor chévere. Un examen chévere.
4. m. fest. P. Rico y Ven. petimetre.
5. adv. m. Ven. magníficamente (‖ muy bien).

(Del lat. *pediŏla, traba).

1. f. Cuerda delgada.
2. f. Mar. Cabo pequeño formado de dos o tres filásticas.
3. f. Mur. Especie de triquitraque.


1. adj. coloq. Arg. y Ur. Simpático, de trato agradable. U. t. c. s.
2. adj. coloq. Arg. Astuto, listo. U. t. c. s.
quedarse ~.
1. loc. verb. coloq. Arg. Quedarse al margen.

If the text is going to be translated into Spanish and intended for use in several countries,  my suggestion is to stay away from idioms and jokes and stick to plain language in both the original and the translations.

When writing a manual the main and only goal is for it to be easily understood.

If the words used are found in the dictionary I would say is a plus.

This is what the english dictionary says for cool in the sense you are looking for.

slang a : very good : excellent; also : all right

Tradukka offers only one translation for cool: Fresco.

On Sep 26, 2010, at 11:16 AM, Caryl Bigenho wrote:

> ¡Hola Amigos!
> Este mansaje está principalmente para los de ellos que son bilingües en el castellano y inglés. La traducción del manual de FLOSS," esta progresando bien.  Puede leerlo aquî:
> http://translate.flossmanuals.net/ActivitiesGuideSugar_es/Introduction
> La ficha abre con la introducción, pero puedo leer los otros capitilos también. Hace unos cliks en la lista de capitulos a la izquerda para abrirlos.  Si encuentra errores tecnicos o del idioma, por favor cambialos o puede poner una nota en la sección "talk" o manda un mensaje a me.
> Ahora en inglés, Ivan Isador and I were working on the translation yesterday and were wondering how you all would translate the English idiom "pretty cool," as in "she thought it was pretty cool"  and "I was feeling pretty cool."  We both thought of "very good." which is really pretty tame and doesn't convey the extra measure of "coolness" the author intended.  Ivan mentioned "muy chévere" but thinks it may be a local term used in his country (the Dominican Republic). 
> So... the question for you is... in your country what is the "coolest" term for "cool"?
> ¡Abrazos!
> Carolina
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