[Sur] need Spanish translator for 600 words

Nicolás Pace nicopace en gmail.com
Dom Jun 13 14:13:01 EDT 2010

We can help from here too.
Is the text available anywhere?
Can we do something now (like creating accounts in translations systems or

El 13/06/2010 14:43, "Orlando Isaza Estrada" <oisaza en gmail.com> escribió:

*Hi, Sean: *
*I´m a spanish speaker and I try to translate the text.*
*Can you send me the text?*
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2010/6/13 Sean DALY <sdaly.be en gmail.com>

> Hi everyone, Sugar Labs has a press release going out tomorrow morning
> of special interest to Spanish speakers but unfortunately, our es
> first translator seems to be offline and the second one is traveling
> and unable to help!
> Please, if anyone can assist let me know. Thanks.
> Sean
> Sugar Labs Marketing Coordinator
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