[Sur] Definiciones por favor

Samuel Klein sj en laptop.org
Sab Feb 14 06:35:45 EST 2009

Perdóname, yo voy a responder en Inglés. Es más fácil para mí estar
claro de esta manera.

I will answer the first of these questions, since I asked Rafael to
change the name.

2009/2/13 Yamandu Ploskonka <yamaplos en bolinux.org>:
> Cuatro puntos urgentes:
> OLPC Colombia aparentemente ha recibido instrucciones de cambiar nombre a
> "amigos de OLPC Colombia".  Podrían por favor aclarar?  ¿Qué hacemos con
> OLPC Sur?

I suggested to Rafael that this might be clearer for now, until we
have a better idea of what "OLPC Colombia" means.

To use the name "OLPC Colombia" or "OLPC <country>", a group should be
incorporated as a non-profit to support OLPC's mission, and should
have an agreement with OLPC on the use of the name.  This is
especially true if a group is planning on doing fundraising,
publicity, consulting, school testing, deployment support, or the
installation and distribution of computers, using that name.

Please see and comment on the draft here:

> definir si prefieren un cambio de nombre.  Personalmente me preocupa la
> falta de apoyo a la comunidad y falta de decisiones claras en trabajar
> conjuntamente con la comunidad.  Es un patrón de conducta que no puede
> llevarnos a nada bueno.

I do not speak for Rodrigo or OLPC Latina.  I plan to set up a
chapters committee to help nurture active dedicated chapters in every
country, whatever their names.  I think that the naming issue will be
more easily resolved once we can distinguish between non-profits with
well-defined founding documents, and more casual groups -- and once we
have an understanding by both parties of how such a name can be used.


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