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Hi all,

I'm sending a translation of Rosamel's message in olpc-sur.



[Starting translation]

I want to share an ACROSTIC made by my students with their families
(form a very difficult socio-cultural context) that they gave me as a
end-of-the-year's present, with a photograph of the group, wrote in
handwriting, and signed by all of them.

I was so move that I started to read it aloud and ended up crying when
they gave it to me, at the scool's party. I'm going to frame it and
put it in my home.

It says:

Estamos agradecidos por todo lo que nos enseñó.
    We are thankful for all you have taught us.

Sembró en nuestras cabecitas que con poquito, se puede llegar lejos.
    You sowed in our little heads that with very little, one can get far.

Proyectos, trabajo y estudio, estuvieron.
    Projects, work and study, were.

Orden! entre cuentos y risas.
    Order! among tales and smiles.

Nada nos impidió aprender conocimientos nuevos
    Nothing prevented us from learning new knowledge

Jamás pensamos que desde l a Laptop, pudiéramos aprender tanto
    We never thought that from the Laptop we could learn so much

Amigos hicimos en el camino
    Friends we made on the way

Verdad y esfuerzo, entre todos.
    Truth and effort, among all of us.

Etoys fue la palabra de moda , que nuestros padres escucharon.
    Etoys was the word in fashion, that our parents heard.

Gran curiosidad despertó en todos el trabajo del grupo
    Great curiosity awoke in us team work



Animación...estuvieron a la orden de nuestros días, pero también nos enseñó...
    Animation... were present in our days, but you also taught us...

Lealtald a nuetros principios, a nuestros padres y sobre todo que lo
que queremos lograr, depende de nosotros mismos!
    Loyalty to our principles, our parents and over all that what we
want to achieve depends on ourselves!

Friends of Peru: it would be interesting to give this material to the
education authorities in your country. It is the best evaluation that
they can make of Plan Ceibal. [N. on T.: this was following critics of
the OLPC program made by the peruvian press:

ESPONJA VEGETAL [vegetal sponge, loofah] is the non-edible fruit of a
plant that we are cultivating in the school's neighborhood.

Greetings to all,


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