[Olpc-open] Olpc-open Digest, Another argument-for-the-sake-of argument attempt

Dusty MacMorgan lvsfan35 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 17:43:26 EST 2007

--- olpc-open-request at lists.laptop.org wrote:
> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: Tools, etc. :-) (Yoshiki Ohshima)


> > rather have a voice user interface (I can dream, can't
> > I? :-) (Oh, alright, yes, I'm a Trekkie :-)).  And
> > this is also very subjective, etc.  (Just ask anyone
> > to defend their choice of Win/Mac/X, etc. GUIs.)  
>   If you think of a computer as merely billions/trillions of
> switches,
> you can't think of its social impact.  Are books just papers and
> inkblot?  Are you just arguing for argument's sake?

Excellent comparison/comeback!

>   To consider, calling a person flat-earther and dismiss what he
> wants to say wouldn't help.
> -- Yoshiki

Thank you, Yoshiki.  Here is a Fantastic contribution to our world
(even the unintended? consequences, such as Intel & Gates suddenly
realizing, Hey, we can make a cheap, useful laptop too.  ;-D  ), and
I'm so
psyched about the possibilities, I've subscribed to every OLPC list
I can find (even the Dev. ones -- waaaay over my head).
But I've unsubscribed from some because of a few members
who use 80% of the bandwidth in arguing that is mainly "I'm so smart"
posturing. I'm afraid this one will be next.  Pity.   

Keep up the Great Work!


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