[Olpc-open] reading books... - finding nemo

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Wed Dec 12 09:45:09 EST 2007

Sameer Verma wrote:
> You bet! I was talking to one of my students today who was wondering why
> I was so excited about OLPC all the time. I told him that above all, the
> mechanism of OLPC allows me and others to be an active part of something
> without having to be employed by that firm. The other projects don't (we
> were talking about Classmate, Eee, etc. at the time).

I think that's true for a lot of open source projects/communities -- 
being an active part of creation without being "employed". It's 
certainly true for the Ruby language community and a number of others. 
Somehow, they manage to ship the product without shooting the engineers. :)

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