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For those of you who are not on the Super Happy Dev House list or RSS
feed (http://www.superhappydevhouse.org.nz/), there will be a bunch of
people at the Cross on the 7th March.

Feel free to pass this along to others. At the last SFD, a few people
were asking what was happening outside of SFD in Wellington...


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> Hello Wellington Hackers!
> It would be a great shame if the many half-started pet projects of
> this city failed to get the love they deserved because of real
> priorities. To that end, I think a new Super Happy Dev House is in
> order! We'll meet at the usual spot, Southern Cross, on Sunday 7 March
> at around noon. Bring along your own ideas, or just come to see what
> others have going.
> Hope to see you all there!
> Cheers,
> Evan

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