[olpc-nz] Today's/Tonight's QA Phone Call Conclusions & Unofficial Minutes

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Wed Feb 24 13:07:02 EST 2010

> Seconded, as we are all volunteers an asynchronous model might make most
> sense. Especially when there is little time to do things one has to be
> organized well and the teams must have a process they can follow and be
> sure others get to the results.

Yep. One thing I think might be helpful is making the weekly 
test/development cycle more explicit - sounds like we already have one 
(we have weekly dev meetings, there are weekly QA meetings in Welly) but 
I'm not exactly clear on the timing of the two, or when each group is 
reporting results back and forth to each other.

So being able to say "at each week's development meeting, we'll look at 
<list>, and email <this stuff!> to the testing list", and vice versa for 
each week's QA meeting, may be useful for getting us into a rhythm.

>> I would love there to be one webpage for test requests that has some
>> visual indicator of how many people testing it and how close to
>> finished testing it is, with a big tick next to it when it has been
>> tested thoroughly. While it is requiring testing have some work in
>> progress sign and you click it to see the test request (and hardware
>> requirements for test like XO or other), all the downloads you
>> require, and a way to submit your test feedback. Anyone who can make
>> that happen would be great.

> Yes, that sounds very good indeed. I guess we do not have any
> infrastructure for the working scenario you describe (yet)?

Not that I know of - though I'd love this as well. I'm setting up a 
Semantic MediaWiki test case system similar to the one we had at OLPC, 
just to have something to get started on. No firm date on when that's 
going to be completed, though I'm going to be tackling getting that 
infrastructure up this coming Friday.

> I know Mel wanted to do QA for her upcoming pilot and was involved in
> the QA efforts at olpc. Mel, do you have any thoughts about testing
> tools that allows what Tabitha describes? Testlink [1] was mentioned
> already, for example.

Not off the top of my head... general consensus of the past year or so 
asking QA folks about FOSS testing platforms is "there aren't any 
*really* good ones, FOSS or non-FOSS." Something we should keep pushing 
on, though.

My questions:

1. Where's the mailing list for Sugar Labs testing (on any platform - 
XO, SoaS, other)? (I'm guessing testing at lists.laptop.org - that's fine, 
we should let everyone know that's the canonical location.)

2. What's the weekly report that SL dev will give testing (and testing 
wants/needs to get from dev)? (Someone on the devel list should have the 
responsibility of pinging the testing list once a week to relay this 
over.) When will this be sent?

3. What's the weekly report that SL testing will give dev (and dev 
wants/needs to get from testing)? (Someone on the testing list should 
have the responsibility of pinging the devel list once a week to relay 
this over.) When will this be sent?

4. Is everyone hanging out in #sugar as they have questions on Sugar QA? 
If not, how do we get them there?

Basically, I'm trying to figure out the rhythm and the back-and-forth we 
already have - because we do already have it - so we can use it more 


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