[OLPC-DE] Wikikids, eine Enzyklopädie für 8-bis 13-Jährige

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Dear Mathias, 
many thanks for your informations! We had similar ideas some years ago and shared them with the Wikimedia Foundation; we offer that our content can be used for non-commercial, educative purposes by children in the Wikipedia/Wikimedia context. To some (rather small) extent, our kids may also contribute to create new pages in the future. Lets continue the discussion in the next days! 

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Sorry for writing in English, my German is very poor...

Anyway, this link is in german :
"Auf Meta findet die Diskussion über den Vorschlag für ein neues Wikipedia-Schwesterprojekt statt. „Wikikids“ soll eine Enzyklopädie für 8- bis 13-Jährige werden, die aus dem ursprünglich französischen Projekt Vikidia hervorgeht. Vikidia umfasst derzeit knapp 15.000 Seiten..."

I opened such a project in French (Vikidia), and it also exists in Dutch. There were some attempt in other language including german but I would say that only these two are doing well.

The proposal aims to make it possible to open or develop such "Enzyklopädie für 8- bis 13-Jährige" in other language, as children need and appreciate it when it does exist.

Your support on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikikids would be welcomed, for either showing interest, ask questions, qive your opinion or even more join the project (especially in German when it would be opened) or communicate on it (a blog post...).

You can find plenty to read on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikikids if you want more information on this project,
(principles, questions and answers, existing wikis akin to Wikikids, relation to the Rights of the Child, "for children or by children ?"...)
If the "adoption process" by the Wikimedia foundation would not be accepted, another possibility is to open it in German in the same family as the existing Vikidia (which is supported by Wikimedia France) and it would be likely to be supported by Wikimedia Deutchland (or Austria...) provided there is a sufficient group of volunteers that stand out to launch it.

I believe that this resource can be very useful to children when available, they write on the Vikidia guidebook how they appreciate it.

Thuss !

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