[OLPC-DE] Wikikids, eine Enzyklopädie für 8-bis 13-Jährige

Mathias Damour mathias.damour at laposte.net
So Sep 8 05:04:39 EDT 2013

Le 08/09/2013 08:36, Thomas Röhlinger a écrit :
> Dear Mathias,
> many thanks for your informations! We had similar ideas some years ago 
> and shared them with the Wikimedia Foundation; we offer that our 
> content can be used for non-commercial, educative purposes by children 
> in the Wikipedia/Wikimedia context. To some (rather small) extent, our 
> kids may also contribute to create new pages in the future. Lets 
> continue the discussion in the next days!

Seems that you are doing a great work !
Radios and encyclopedias are certainly two means that respond to the 
"Kinderrechtskonvention" articles on medias and "Meinungs- und 
Informationsfreiheit". :-)

On children involvement in the content, there is this page: 
and in the Q&A page:
How could we rely on children as editors, since they are not likely to 
be able - nor willing - to write good encyclopedic content?
 > Some of them are willing, probably in a similar or slightly higher 
proportion as adults that want to edit Wikipedia. They certainly can't 
write quality content alone and as beginners on a wiki. Nevertheless, 
their involvement and contribution can really grow the global content 
and have several benefits for such a wiki.

Then it's a matter of building a community, which is a significant task.
If you would like to work on it, you would certainly be able to get some 
good help from the German Wikipedia community.

Whether such a wiki should be run/hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, 
Vikidia, OLPC, Radiojojo or else is almost a secondary question, the 
most important being to have a good start and bring together enough 
people who agree on its objective and features, and are eager to run, 
care it and expand its content.

I would be glad to discuss it further!

> Dipl.-Soz. Thomas Röhlinger, MBA
> Founder & Editor in Chief
> Radijojo World Children's Media Network
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> *Betreff:* [OLPC-DE] Wikikids, eine Enzyklopädie für 8-bis 13-Jährige
> Hi,
> Sorry for writing in English, my German is very poor...
> Anyway, this link is in german :
> https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Kurier&oldid=121296947#Neues_Schwesterprojekt_.E2.80.9EWikikids.E2.80.9C.3F
> "Auf Meta findet die Diskussion über den Vorschlag für ein neues 
> Wikipedia-Schwesterprojekt statt. „Wikikids“ soll eine Enzyklopädie 
> für 8- bis 13-Jährige werden, die aus dem ursprünglich französischen 
> Projekt Vikidia hervorgeht. Vikidia umfasst derzeit knapp 15.000 
> Seiten..."
> I opened such a project in French (Vikidia), and it also exists in 
> Dutch. There were some attempt in other language including german but 
> I would say that only these two are doing well.
> The proposal aims to make it possible to open or develop such 
> "Enzyklopädie für 8- bis 13-Jährige" in other language, as children 
> need and appreciate it when it does exist.
> Your support on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikikids would be 
> welcomed, for either showing interest, ask questions, qive your 
> opinion or even more join the project (especially in German when it 
> would be opened) or communicate on it (a blog post...).
> You can find plenty to read on 
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikikids if you want more 
> information on this project,
> (principles, questions and answers, existing wikis akin to Wikikids, 
> relation to the Rights of the Child, "for children or by children ?"...)
> If the "adoption process" by the Wikimedia foundation would not be 
> accepted, another possibility is to open it in German in the same 
> family as the existing Vikidia (which is supported by Wikimedia 
> France) and it would be likely to be supported by Wikimedia Deutchland 
> (or Austria...) provided there is a sufficient group of volunteers 
> that stand out to launch it.
> I believe that this resource can be very useful to children when 
> available, they write on the Vikidia guidebook how they appreciate it.
> Thuss !
> -- Mathias Damour

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