[Localization] Translation Team report June 7th 2011

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 20:37:42 EDT 2011

Does anyone on the list have anything to add to this report to the
Sugar Labs Oversight Board?


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Date: Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 8:28 PM
Subject: Translation Team report June 7th 2011
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Walter, please distribute this to the SLOBs.  Rafael, add any thoughts you have.


Translation Team report June 7th 2011

Last report on March 2nd.

We could still use additional sysadmin type support on the Pootle
server to resolve back-end issues and do general support (occasionally
bouncing the web-serice).  RafaelOrtiz continues to do great work, but
more help resolving lingering issues with Honey project migrations and
templates is needed.

Branching (we've properly branched Glucose 0.92).

We could still use more communications on the L10n list concerning
releases like 11.2.0 direct from release managers, but I've tried to
pass along the key information.  Some additional documentation on the
wiki has been created (particularly about contributing to upstream

There are a lot of activities on ASLO that are not set up for
i18n/L10n, this needs improvement.  The Activity's Team should add
i18n to it's must-have criteria and track it (perhaps via link in ASLO

Poor coverage of some languages that are important to OLPC deployments
continues to be an important issue, as noted in my message on these
posts about 11.2.0 language support:



11.2.0 will not reach its' full potential without stepped L10n
activity in the targetted languages.  Importantly, the Help Activity
is still no set up for localization.

Long-form L10n: FLOSSManuals has a new tool (booki) that I have not
explored to any great extent.  We have set up a number of Waveplace
lesson plans for L10n on the Pootle server.  The outline format of
these lessons plans lends itself to text to PO interchange.

Upstream outreach.
We are now tracking the L10n status of impt GNOME modules (and Scratch)

We are now hosting AbiWord and GNASH PO files after discussions with
those communities about collaboration on L10n.  These are not
connected for direct commit by lang-admins, but Pootle provides a
collaborative environment that assists L10n efforts of the important
upstreams.  This outreach has added a number of languages to our
server and hopefully we will see cross-over to Sugar L10n as they
complete the projects that brought them in from the upstream to our
Poolte server.

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